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Practice Areas of David L. Moffitt & Associates

What Kind Of Legal Work We Do

Our office has established an award winning, headline-making track record in many areas of the law. We handle:

  • All Personal Injury Claims, including Automobile and motorcycle accidents; Wrongful death; Injuries at defective property/buildings; Medical malpractice; Nursing home abuse; Defective products; Animal bites; Workman's compensation; and many more. (return to top)

  • All Criminal Cases, from traffic tickets to federal indictments, including Trial and Appeal defense of: Homicide; Attempted murder and assault; Controlled substances possession and distribution; Robbery and larceny; Home invasion and breaking and entering; weapons/CCW; Embezzlement; Uttering and Publishing/bad checks; Credit card fraud; Retail fraud; Drinking/drugs and driving; Suspended license; Probation and parol violation; and many more. (return to top)

  • Insurance, Disability And Social Security Claims, such as PIP/Auto insurance wage, medical, and care benefit denials; Disability benefit denial appeals; Social Security benefit appeals; Fire insurance claim denials; Insurance fraud accusations; Homeowner loss claim denial; and much more. (return to top)

  • Business Assistance, such as Preparing contracts; Buying and selling a business; Business start-ups; Incorporations, partnerships, and choosing a business form; Updating your corporate records and preparing annual reports; Minority shareholder protection; Debt collection; Transaction structuring; Idea and invention protection; Government agency/regulation compliance assistance; and much more. (return to top)

  • Real Estate Transactions, such as Buying and selling homes and property; Environmental concerns; Broker commission disputes; Boundary disputes; Trespass; Condemnation; Landlord-tenant; Lease negotiation; Mortgage fraud protection; Mortgage foreclosure and land contract proceedings; Zoning disputes, variances and special use approvals; and much more. (return to top)

  • Probate And Elder Law, such as Preparing and updating Wills, estate plans, durable powers of attorney, and trusts; Obtaining guardian and conservatorships; Detecting estate fraud and asset misappropriation; Name changes; and more. (return to top)

  • Family Law, Divorce And Child Custody Issues, such as raising/lowering child support, seeking/keeping the custody of a child, visitation rights, valuation of property, and protecting your interests in divorce. (return to top)

  • And Much, Much, More. Just ask

  • If we don't do it, we'll direct you to competent, reputable attorneys who do! Ask us who to go to! (return to top)
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