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  Judge / Prosecutor / Police Perjury In Michigan: People v Aceval    
  Karen Plants/ Waterstone/ Aceval Perjury Case
Read actual transcripts of the alleged conspiracy and legal briefs filed in the continuing battele to free Mr. Aceval. New case documents posted weekly. Click here
12/2/10 Court rejects appeal over drug trial at which judge officials allegedly lied Detroit News .pdf
11/9/10 Judge considers multiple juries in trials over perjury Free Press .pdf
10/27/10 Judge chosen in perjury trial of cops, judge, and prosecutor in drug case Free Press .pdf
10/27/10 Retired judge, ex porsecutor, 2 others arrainged in perjury case Detroit News .pdf
10/23/10 Drug Bust Didnt Turn Out the Way Informant Hoped Free Press .pdf
10/17/10 A sad, solid day of justice Free Press .pdf
10/13/10 Retired judge, Inkster cops bound over for alleged lies in drug bust case Detroit News .pdf
10/13/10 Former prosecutor to be tried on perjury charge Detroit News .pdf
10/13/10 Former judge, cops ordered to stand trial for perjury-tainted case Free Press .pdf
10/12/10 Ex-prosecutor to be tried for alleged lies in drug trial Detroit News .pdf
6/9/10 High courtg to weight retrial in drug case Free Press .pdf
6/8/10 Ex judge can be tried in perjury, court says Free Press .pdf
3/5/10 Cox disqualified for Waterstone case Detroit News .pdf
3/5/10 AG must hand off presecution of former Judge Waterstone Detroit News .pdf
1/8/10 Supreme Court sends Judge Watersteone's case back to Court of Appeals Detroit News .pdf
1/7/10 Court of Appeals ordered to tkae up case of retired judge Free Press .pdf
1/6/10 Ex-Detroit judge accused of allowing witness to lie seeks help from Michigan Supremem Court MLive / AP .pdf
1/6/10 Ex-judge Waterstone seeks help from Michigan Supreme Court Detroit News .pdf
10/27/09 Bail revocation hearing set for Waterstone Free Press .pdf
09/30/09 Attoreny general Cox cleared of conflict of interest Detroit News .pdf
09/29/09 Judge: AG can prosecute retired judge Free Press .pdf
09/28/09 Key decision due in Michigan perjury case Free Press .pdf
09/28/09 Supreme Court judge could be trial witness Detroit News .pdf
09/14/09 Hearing delayed again for judge, former prosectuor Detroit News .pdf
09/16/09 Despite legal woes, Inkster chief proud of statistics Free Press .pdf
09/03/09 Worthy says stress taking toll on her offfice Detroit News .pdf
09/01/09 Trouble dogging Wayne County prosecutor's assistants Detroit News .pdf
07/01/09 Hip Hop CEO Jerom Almon accuses Michigan AG of cover-up News Blaze .pdf
6/15/09 AG's office tries to keep lawyer on Plants case Free Press .pdf
6/13/09 AG office appeals judge's order to remove lawyer Free Press .pdf
6/9/2009 Prosecutor ordered off plants prejury case Free Press .pdf
6/9/2009 Ex-Judge admits legal missteps in transcripts Free Press .pdf
6/8/2009 Court date today for judge accused Free Press .pdf
5/13/2009 Retired Wayne Co. judge says she's wrongfully charged Detroit News .pdf
5/12/2009 Waterstone's error isn't a crime, ex-judge argues Free Press .pdf
5/2/2009 Two Inkster cops want perury charges dismissed. Detroit News .pdf
4/12/2009 Inkster cop says he just did as he was told Free Press .pdf
4/9/2009 Wave white flag in drug war Detroit News .pdf
4/2/2009 Kym Worthy Under Investigation WXYZ .pdf
4/1/2009 Perjury flap spurs inquiry into Detroit prosecutor Metro Times .pdf
3/27/2009 2 Cases Involving Prosecutors Handled in Different Ways Free Press .pdf
3/27/2009 Plants Said She Allowed 3 Witnesses to Lie Free Press .pdf
3/26/2009 Attorney General Has Conflict Plants Case Free Press .pdf
3/25/2009 Judge, Prosecutor, Cops Charged With Misconduct Detroit News .pdf
3/25/2009 Former Prosecutor and Judge Face Charges WXYZ .pdf
3/25/2009 When Good Guys Go Bad Free Press .pdf
3/25/2009 Prosecutor, Cops Face Charges Free Press .pdf
3/24/2009 Cox: Drug Trial Was Filled With Purjury Fox News .pdf
3/5/2009 Officer Denies A Deal In Plants Case Free Press .pdf
2/26/2009 Probe Of Ex Star Drug Prosecutor Stalls Free Press .pdf
6/5/2008 Cox to Take Over Inquiry of Prosecutor Free Press .pdf
6/5/2008 Cox to Investigate Perjury of Wayne County Prosecutor Detroit News .pdf
6/5/2008 Attorney General to Investigate Prosecutor Aide Detroit News .pdf
5/16/2008 Still No Lawyer to Look Into Conflict Free Press .pdf
4/9/2008 The "P" Word Metro Times .pdf
4/9/2008 Complaint Cites Worthy In Drug Case Metro Times .pdf
4/06/2008 Worthy Covers Up Perjury The Michigan Citizen .pdf
4/2/2008 Narcotics Prosecutor Allowed Lies Free Press .pdf
6/19/2006 State Probes Why Prejury Was Allowed Detroit News .pdf
6/14/2006 Taint Right Metro Times .pdf
5/3/2006 Tainted Testimony Metro Times .pdf
3/30/2006 Judge Steps Aside From Case Free Press .pdf
10/00/2005 Moffitt - Citizen Lawyer State Bar Journal .pdf
9/5/2005 Rule Yields 47K Sanctions vs. Insurer Lawyers Weekly .pdf
11/16/2000 Razing Doesn't Effect Lawsuit - Page 1 Ann Arbor News .pdf
11/16/2000 Razing Doesn't Effect Lawsuit - Page 2 Ann Arbor News .pdf
11/16/2000 Razing Doesn't Effect Lawsuit - Page 3 Ann Arbor News .pdf
 3/19/1998 Family Sues Over Injury Ann Arbor News .pdf
 3/29/1998 County: No Conflict of Interest In Lawsuit Oakland Press .pdf
1/13/1997 Family Sues Police Detroit News .pdf
10/29/1996 Kaplan Plea Bargain Questioned Oakland Press .pdf
10/7/1997 3 Customers Say Restaurant Served Food with Maggots Detroit News .pdf
3/20/1996 Truck Driver Charged In Death Oakland Press .pdf
 1/18/1996 Plea Bargain Angers Former Employee - Said Dentist Molested Her Detroit News .pdf
8/6/1993 13th Annual Scholarship Awarded - Detroit Mercy School of Law  Detroit Legal News .pdf
4/20/1989 Moffitt Wins State Legal Brief Award Farmington Observer .pdf
 2/00/1992 Ann Arbor Partnership Reorganization Crain's Detroit Business .pdf
12/22/1981 New Journalsim Law Scholarship Detroit Legal News .pdf
5/9/2004 Moffitt Awarded Prestigious SEMCOG Fellowship Farmington Observer .pdf
10/2002 Oakland Leaders Say Terrorist Threats Won't Keep them Grounded Oakland Press .pdf
11/28/2002 Moffit Lands in the Thick of GOP Politics Farmington Observer .pdf
6/23/2002 County Officials Considering Board Meeting Broadcasts Michigan Press Reading Service .pdf
5/30/2002 Moffitt Appointed to NACO Committee Farmington Observer .pdf
 2/01/2002 Moffitt Follows in Mom's Footsteps Oakland Co. Legal News .pdf
1/10/2002 Moffitt Expected to Serve As Vice Chair Farmington Observer .pdf
 8/3/2000 Paper Endorses David L. Moffitt Farmington Observer .pdf
12/02/1999 Oakland County 911 Services Enhanced Troy Times .pdf
5/10/1999 Youth Assistance Awards Presented to Deserving Kids Northwest Gazette .pdf
 10/29/1998 Return Moffitt to County Seat Farmington Observer .pdf
9/17/1998 Mom and Son Keep Moffitt Name a Mainstay Farmington Observer .pdf
9/5/1998 Moffitt Wins 8th Term Observor & Eccentric .pdf
11/4/1996 Unopposed Moffitt Seeks More County Efficiency Farmington Observer .pdf
4/5/1995 County Services May Soon Travel Via Cyberspace Oakland Press .pdf
7/21/1994 Moffitt Campaigns On Record Farmington Observer .pdf
  L. Brooks Patterson, Joseph Knollenberg, John Nicols, David Honigman endorse David Moffitt Press Release .pdf
4/4/1994 Knollenberg Honors David Moffitt Northwest Gazette .pdf
6/16/1993 Commissioners Criticize Parks Officials' Trip The Daily Tribune .pdf
12/14/1989 Automation Would Benefit the Board TheDaily Tribune .pdf
  O. Brent Moffitt, 1922-2008   .pdf
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